About Us

The first generation of the Chung family came from Taiwan to America in the 1960s. They brought with them their dreams, Asian heritage and passion for healthy, delicious food. It all started with a small, Asian food manufacturing plant in Houston, Texas. Soon, every family member was on board, quitting jobs in finance and in the culinary industry to pursue the dream of providing healthy, great-tasting food that is environmentally sustainable and free of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO).

A traditional Asian diet consists mostly of vegetables, rice and soy. Lower in fat and rich in fiber, minerals and iron, this plant-based diet is now proven to lower rates of obesity, disease and cancer. Eating only the highest quality, most natural foods, with an emphasis on plant protein, is the best gift we can give to ourselves.

Growing edamame here in the US was a natural step for our company’s vision. The high-in-protein, high-in-fiber beans are a mainstay in the traditional Asian diet. The pure soil of the American Heartland was the perfect place to start growing our beans. With the help of the mayor of Mulberry, Arkansas, our company worked with state officials and the local university to bring our crops to the area. The annual “Edamame Festival,” first thrown in 2013, highlights the positive impact this super bean and our company has had on culture of Arkansas and America. 

We invite you and your family to try our American-grown, non-GMO beans, the culmination of eastern heritage meets western ingenuity.

Our Certifications

eda-zen made in the usa
eda-zen certified gluten free
eda-zen certified kosher